• Can I claim on private health insurance?

    Yes, we use the Health Industry Claims and Payment Service (HICAPS) system which allows any of the participating health funds to claim with us directly, provided your health insurance cover includes acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine. This means that once we swipe your card, you only pay the gap amount on the day and there is no need for you to visit the branch of your health fund. For those funds not on HICAPS, it is still possible to claim with your health fund either in person or online.

    Participating health funds are:

    • Medibank
    • HBF
    • Australian Unity
    • Bupa
    • HBA
    • Defence Health
    • MBF
    • NIB
    • Teachers Health Fund
    • Peoplecare
    • Onemedifund
    • ACA Health
    • Queensland Country Health Fund
    • Navy Health
    • NRMA Insurance
    • CUA Health
    • AHM
    • CBHS
    • Westfund Health
    • GU Health
    • SGIC
    • Phoenix Health Fund
    • St Lukes Health
    • Health Partners
    • HIF
    • SGIO
    • RT Health Fund
    • GMHBA Health Insurance
    • RACT Insurance
    • Frank Health Insurance
    • Healthcare Insurance
    • Reserve Bank Health Society
    • Fit Health Insurance
    • Mutual Community
    • health.com.au
  • Can I claim acupuncture on WorkSafe?

    Yes, acupuncture is a requested service and we are a provider registered with WorkSafe. A worker can access requested services with a written request from their medical practitioner, which must be provided to the Agent in writing by the worker or healthcare provider.

    Please note that the WorkSafe fee for covering an acupuncture service does not cover the full cost of an acupuncture session and a gap payment will be needed. For the current WorkSafe acupuncture fee, please visit their website here.

    When making a booking, please let us know that you are a WorkSafe client and bring in your letter of approval from your Agent.

  • Can I claim acupuncture on TAC?

    Yes, in the first 90 days of after your incident, you can claim without applying for TAC approval if you have a TAC claim number, your doctor or other health professional recommends it and if it is for your accident injuries. You will need TAC approval if it has been more than 90 days since your accident and TAC haven’t approved more treatment or it has been more than 6 months since the last claim with TAC.

    Please note that the TAC fee for covering an acupuncture service does not cover the full cost of an acupuncture session and a gap payment will be needed. For the current TAC acupuncture fee, please visit their website here.

    When making a booking, please let us know that you are a TAC client and have your TAC claim number with you.

  • How long is a consultation?

    Initial consultations can be up to one and a half hours in length and return consultations can be up to one hour in length.

  • What is acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is the insertion of a needle through a patients skin to promote healing. It has an ancient background of over 2500 years and is formally recognised by the World Health Organisation as an effective form of health care.

  • How does Acupuncture work?

    In Chinese Medicine theory, acupuncture works by stimulating various points along the body to move and balance the Qi (pronounced “Chee”), which is the life energy that flows through our body. These points lie along meridians, which are paths through which the Qi flows and connects all of our major organs. Disease occurs when there is blockage or disharmony with the life energy.

    In Western Medicine, acupuncture can be viewed as stimulating the nervous system and endocrine system. The insertion of a needle stimulates the nerves, which then sends signals to the brain, which can block pain signal pathways as well as release various hormones to bring the body back into balance.

  • Are there any side effects with acupuncture?

    After a treatment, you may feel more relaxed than usual and have a particularly good nights sleep. In particular cases, the condition being treated may flare temporarily whilst the body adjusts to the Qi (life energy) manipulation.

  • Does acupuncture hurt?

    No, acupuncture uses very fine single-use sterile needles, which are 25 to 50 times thinner than hypodermic needles used by doctors and nurses. You may feel slight discomfort with sensations such as heaviness, tingling, cramping or numbness, which is completely normal.

  • What are herbs?

    In Chinese Medicine, herbs are natural substances used for healing purposes which can include plant matter, minerals and animal products. Herbs can be produced as pills, powders or just as raw herbs. There are many ways in which they can be used – they can be consumed internally as decoctions, teas and tinctures or applied externally as poultices or even steam baths!

    This clinic is wildlife aware and is a part of the Endangered Species Certification Scheme to ensure that endangered species are not further threatened through the their use. Also, if you have any particular dietary requirements, the type of herbs prescribed to you can be altered.

  • How does herbal medicine work?

    In Chinese Medicine, through their many years of use, all herbs were found to have particular properties which gave them therapeutic effects. They have temperature properties such as warm or cool, or taste properties such as bitter or sweet, and also organs that their functions direct towards. Most often, several herbs are combined and tailored into a formula to treat your particular condition and symptoms, and it is often this combination rather than one or two active ingredients as with Western Medicine, which facilitates the healing.

    In terms of Western Medicine, the herbs, which may contain several active ingredients and interact with the other herbs, have been found to have inherent medicinal functions such as anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic (fever reducing), anti-emetic (vomit reducing), immune function boosting and circulation improving functions.

  • Are there any side-effects with herbal medicine?

    Sometimes, there may be slight digestive side-effects because Chinese herbal medicine has pharmacological functions but these will be managed by an experienced practitioner throughout the treatments.

  • How many treatments do I need?

    It depends on a few factors such as how long you’ve had the condition, the seriousness of the condition, your age and your constitution. If your condition is recent, it may only require 2 – 3 acupuncture treatments but if it is a long-standing, it may take longer. In general, treatments take place once-per-week but in acute conditions, you may be recommended to receive treatment two to three times per week. The benefits from acupuncture tend to hold longer the more you receive it, so eventually, you may only need to come in infrequently or not at all.


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