Your first consultation will be up to an hour and a half long so the practitioner can get a comprehensive understanding of your condition. Please arrive ten minutes early to complete your preliminary health questionnaire. During the consultation, you will be asked questions about your main health concern but also about other seemingly unrelated topics such as your digestive system function, headaches, vision, sleep patterns, body pains and energy levels. These will assist the practitioner in seeing the whole picture of your health. An observation of your tongue and the pulse on both of your wrists will also be felt to aid diagnosis.

Depending on the locations to be needled, access to different areas of your body are required and gowns and towels will be provided to you. Maintaining a clean and sterile environment is important for your safety and all areas to be needled are swabbed with alcohol, and only sterile single-use needles are used. The needles are very thin and the insertion feels like a pin prick and is often followed by a heavy sensation. You are left to relax for about 20 minutes to let the needles and your body do their work.

After the needles are removed, an explanation of dosing instructions for any herbs prescribed will be given to you and together, we will discuss general lifestyle advice and a treatment plan for your individual condition.


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