Winter Wonderfoods

July 07, 2013 - by enrica - in Diet Therapy

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Vegetable Soup
In Chinese Medicine, being in tune with nature is important in maintaining health and preventing illness, and a part of this is being able to change with the seasons. Throughout the year, we experience change from the heat of Summer to the dryness of Autumn, to the cold of Winter and the wind of Spring. Each season has particular characteristics and it is with these that we align ourselves.

Winter is a season of utmost Yin, Yin having qualities of the feminine, nurturing, quietness, inwardness and cold. This is a time for us to slow down and conserve energy, stay warm and be more aware and reflective. It helps us to prepare for and have the energy for Spring when growth and change occur.

Food plays a vital part in health maintainance so eating the appropriate foods for the season will keep you nourished.

The Kidney is the organ associated with Winter because it stores our basic and fundamental energy, which is an inward and nurturing function. Salty foods have an inward energy and support this storage function of the Kidney, so a little bit of sea salt and seaweed assists this vital organ. Take care not to have too much as it will then overwork the Kidney. Other foods which support the Kidney are:

  • kidney beans
  • black bean
  • chestnuts
  • walnut
  • lamb
  • chicken
  • dark leafy greens

Also, the types of foods that are more readily available in Winter are beneficial to eat and these include:

  • root vegetables
  • Winter greens such as cabbage, kale and silverbeet
  • nuts, legumes and grains
  • pumpkins
  • pears, apples and citrus fruits

Have these in warm hearty soups with vegetables and nourishing stocks, casseroles and stews because by cooking food for longer and at lower temperatures, the demand on your digestive system is lessened.

There are a lot of delicious and nourishing meals to be eaten in Winter. Be sure to share them with family and friends because though this is a time of introspection, connecting with family and friends will definitely keep you warmer in Winter!

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