Spring Blossoms

Spring to Life

September 08, 2013 - by enrica - in Lifestyle

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Spring Blossoms

Spring is here – the bite in the air is gone, there is finally warmth you can actually bask in, the leaves are returning and the flowers are blooming. It is a season of birth and rejuvenation and in Chinese Medicine, for optimal health, it is best to live in accordance with these natural principles, both physically and emotionally.

Physically, wear loose comfortable clothing and exercise more often, much easier to do when the temperature is no longer in the single digits. It is also a good time to do more stretching to loosen up the tendons and muscles, and be supple like the new plant growth you see around you! Waking up early and going for a walk to take in this fresh invigorating energy and retiring early to allow your body to regenerate will see your body abound with energy.

Emotionally, equanimity is the goal. The Liver is the dominant Chinese Medicine organ in Spring, and becoming excessively angry, frustrated, depressed, sad or having an excess any other emotion, can damage the Liver. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in moments, both past and present, and react strongly but if you can be aware of this, take a step back and just appreciate the vibrant nature around you, the health, family and friends that you have, and perhaps you can realise that it’s not as bad as all that!

The energy of Spring is exciting and full of promise, so everyone please enjoy!

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